Home Theatre Solutions

Home Theatre Solutions

Home Theatre Solution / Community Theatre Solution

Home movie theatre or Community Movie theatre concept represents a Mini cinema hall infrastructure at home that somehow creates an illusion of sitting in a movie theatre. To create a movie theatre environment at home a customized Home Theatre cinema requires these elements:


Sound – Channel 5.1, 5.2, 7.1, 7.2 ….. Dolby Atmos etc. Hear the music, immersive sound effects, and dialogue not just from the screen, but all around you


Screen – Big size framed gain screen for maximum brightness and clarity, you may select the screen type according


Projector – Non DCI or 2K and 4k Lamp/Laser-based projector for better resolution


Acoustic – Soundproofing acoustical insulation for crisp and immersive sound quality (Walls, Doors, Floor, and Ceiling). Acoustic Paneling also prevents the Eco bounce in your room to avoid and control unnecessary sound reflection around.

Recliners and Chairs

Recliners and Chairs – Sofa and Recliner chairs with multiple features installed to experience premium class comfort


Carpet – Acoustical fire-rated installation for smoothness and a maintenance-free environment. Carpet is available in multiple options like Loop Pile, Cut Pile PVC flooring, etc.


Ceiling – Acoustical fall ceiling treatment for sound quality and interior look. It also help to achieve room temperature at lower energy cost. Ceiling beatify the look of the room and also concealed lots of wires and cables within the gap.


Lighting – Remote-controlled Centralized lighting solutions to enhance the interior look and feel of the room. It can be configured and set as preset with automation integration that helps to switch the room from one theme to another theme.


OTT – Netflix, Amazon, Airtel Xtreme etc. integration and calibration

Multiple Design Options:

  • Hobby or Fun design
  • Modern Design
  • Traditional Design
  • Feature Acoustical Panel
  • Basic Fabric With Acoustic Panel
  • Sports Theme
  • Music Theme
  • Bollywood Theme
  • Hollywood Theme
  • Space Theme
  • Under sea Theme
  • Landscape Theme
  • Wall to wall acoustic panel
  • Floating Acoustic Panel
  • Economical Decorative Acoustic Panel
  • City Theme
  • Fiber Optic Ceiling
  • And many more as per the client’s choice