Workforce Diversity

TSI Group recognizes the value of individual differences and the importance of supporting these differences in the workplace. Diversity includes Equal Employment Opportunity but is much broader than that. It is TSI Group’ belief that focusing on diversity and inclusion is a necessity for the long term viability of our business. We are committed to ensuring through all policies, practices and procedures a workplace free of unlawful discrimination or harassment and that all employees enjoy equal access to employment and, related opportunities and benefits. Discrimination and harassment, as defined by the Federal and State legislation, is not only unlawful but is totally unacceptable within TSI Group. Anyone found engaging in acts of this nature will face disciplinary procedures that could result in termination of employment. As a recruitment company, we must focus our diversity and inclusion practices on 2 main areas – diversity of staff in our internal operations and diversity of staff in the contractors whom we submit to and place within our client organizations. This policy applies to all matters of employment including, but not limited to, recruitment, selection, placement, transfers, performance review, promotions, training and development, and separations. It also applies to all aspects of remuneration practices, benefits and all other conditions of employment within TSI Group.