Project Estimation Services

Project Estimation Services

TSI Project Estimation service is the answer to a very common question –

How To Estimate My Project Cost?

Estimating is a Very Critical Part of project planning, involving a quantitative estimate of project costs, resources, or duration. One conundrum in estimating, especially for new facility projects, is that the owner/committee members sometimes make overly optimistic estimates in order to justify the project. But the world is not flat, there are a lot many details that need to consider before taking the final Go Ahead decision.

Sometimes, it’s wise to double-check your decision by a team of experts at a comparatively very low cost. It’s better to have the most realistic estimation of project cost and resources required.

Why Estimation is important?

1) It gives you a realistic fund requirement

Funds are a very important factor that every project manager has to plan and control. If we are updated about the requirement in advance, we may have enough time to plan and source the funds. So that project work does not get stopped or stuck due to the non-availability of funds. And gain delays are in project incurred more cost.

It gives you realistic fund requirement
It gives you realistic time line requirement

2) It gives you a realistic timeline requirement

Sometimes, being very optimistic, Facility owners are taking the very good projects with very less time. They decide events and inauguration dates. If we do not have a realistic timeline estimation, we may set the non-achievable timeline and ultimately, we end up with frustration, compromise, and losses of events in the facility. So, a realistic timeline estimate is a very vital tool to have with any facility owner.

3) It gives you realistic permission or legal compliance requirements

Legal Compliance is a must-start any project that required compliance of your vision to the local authorities. Some facilities like Cinemas, Theatres, Auditoriums, Schools, Colleges, Stadiums swimming pools, etc. need special permission due to the requirement of special compliance with local authorities due to human safety. Further, certain compliance requirements are required to consider before foundation or may a very important factor before selection of land and locations. Our experts are getting in touch with local experts and get the compliance requirement check on your behalf and provide you a comprehensive idea about timeline expense requirements for the specific compliance.

It gives you realistic permission or legal compliance requirements